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IMPORTANT! Your bike must not be excessively noisy. Many of the unsurfaced roads go through farms and beside rural dwellings, and to ensure continued use it is important that we are considerate.

Trail riders in North Wales

Sustainability of green roads

We promote a positive image of trail riders, and many of the local people we encounter frequently are friendly to us. We are concerned to maintain a future for trail riding and it is extremely important that you ride with courtesy and consideration.

All trail riding has some degree of main road riding. If starting from a town centre, it may be as much as 15 miles on tarmac before getting to the first green lane. Most days are about 50/50 trail/tarmac, although in winter we try to reduce that to 70/30.

Although we do our best to accede to a group’s wishes with regard to route, start location and number, there may be occasions when last minute changes cannot be avoided.

It is expected that all members of the group share responsibility for behaviour. If any rider is wheelying, riding off piste, roosting or any other inconsiderate behaviour, other riders in the group should point out to him that it is not acceptable. In the event of cancellation due to bad behaviour, all members of the group will be led to the nearest main road and will receive directions to return to the meeting place.

Trail riders in spring

Breakdowns or accidents

If your bike breaks down, we will do our best to help you fix it. If it cannot be fixed, we assist with pick up of bike and rider if we can. If you have booked more than one day and your bike can’t be repaired, you may be able to hire one of our bikes. Price will be proportional to our usual rate, less the fee you have already paid. Likewise, if you have an accident and cannot ride any further, but do not require emergency services, if possible, we will pick you and your bike up, and take you to hospital or to your accommodation. Please note that this service is not always available if both Colin and Marianne are out riding.