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Guiding for trail riders

We provide guiding for owners of Honda CRF250Ls and Rallys, and classic trail bike such as DRZ400, XR250, TTR250, Serow, etc. Novices on enduro bikes are welcome to join our beginner days. Because we ride trail bikes, we do not usually guide groups on modern enduro bikes (unless we already know you!) When you join the TRF, you may join a mid week date free of charge. We usually keep our groups to a maximum of six riders, so if, say, four are on hire bikes, we are happy to accept two riders.

Sustainability of green roads

We promote a positive image of trail riders, and many of the local people we encounter frequently are friendly to us. We are concerned to maintain a future for trail riding and it is extremely important that you ride with courtesy and consideration.

Breakdowns or accidents

If your bike breaks down, we will do our best to help you fix it. If it cannot be fixed, we assist with pick up of bike and rider if we can. If you have booked more than one day and your bike can’t be repaired, you may be able to hire one of our bikes. Price will be proportional to our usual rate, less the fee you have already paid. Likewise, if you have an accident and cannot ride any further, but do not require emergency services, if possible, we will pick you and your bike up, and take you to hospital or to your accommodation. Please note that this service is not always available if both Colin and Marianne are out riding.

Winter trail riding

If you book during November, December, January, February and March, it can be really cold! Consider that if a problem occurred at the farthest away point, you may find yourself riding 50 miles along main roads. You can never get it right in winter, as you will be cold on the tarmac road and hot on the technical going. But if you take a rucksack, you can carry an extra fleece or jumper and warm winter roadriding gloves, so that if there is a long stretch on tarmac, you can be more comfortable. It is also worth having waterproof socks and an enduro or adventure riding suit with trousers which go outside your boots so that the water runs down the outside, not into your boot! There is nothing more miserable than being frozen to the bone, and every mile seems an eternity.

Enduros and trail bike rallies

If you are an experienced rider, why not try one of competitions held in our area? Details here!



Your bike must not be excessively noisy. Many of the unsurfaced roads go through farms and beside rural dwellings, and to ensure continued use it is important that we are considerate.


Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking with us. You can book by email, landline phone 01686 430522, mobile phone or text 017849 760722, or by filling in the form on the contact page.


The TRF is the National, voluntary and non-competitive body formed in 1970 by people who enjoyed exploring ’green lanes’ by motorcycle. Our aim is to conserve our heritage of green lanes for everyone to enjoy. Trail riding is an ’active recreation’.

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Marianne is the secretary of the Mid Wales TRF Group who organise a Treasure Hunt in August. Email for details and how to enter. You do not need to be a TRF member.