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Terms and Conditions for hire bikes

T and C can be downloaded here.

Trail Rides Wales undertake:-

To provide motorcycles with trail/offroad capability and protective clothing. We can supply a helmet, gloves, boots, knee pads, body armour, jacket or shirt and enduro trousers. Sizes available: boots size 5 to 13, helmets XS to XXL, trousers waist 28” to 44”, jackets S to XXL.

No charge is made for use of protective clothing or accidental damage, except for a couple of exceptions. These include ignoring a direct request from the leader, not looking ahead and crashing as a consequence, and any riding behaviour which is causing danger to yourself, other riders and members of the public using the road.

Trail riders in Mid Wales

Trail Rides Wales require the following:-

You must hold a full motorcycle licence and be aged 25 or more; certain endorsements exclude insurance.

Please inform us if you have physical restrictions or a medical condition when you book. We are happy to plan an appropriate route for you, but we need to know in advance.

We expect you to treat our motorcycles and personnel with respect. You must not be affected by alcohol or drugs (prescription or recreational) – please remember this the night before!

Trail Rides Wales ask you to undertake:-

To arrive at the meeting place at 9.30am or the specified time. If you are later than half an hour and we have not received a phone call or text message to 07849 760722, we may start without you. Unfortunately [email protected] does not work on the phone, but can be used if we are riding from our house, as we usually do. If we have left, contact us and someone will come back to fetch you.

Please do not say you are experienced unless you are! Road riding experience is irrelevant. Experience needs to be trail riding, trials or enduro school, and it is important you are familiar with riding in a standing position.

Please inform us if there is a change in the number or experience of the people after the original booking.

Please note that it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the bike is safe to ride during the day, e.g. if it develops a fault or receives accidental damage. If in doubt, ask Colin or Marianne to check the bike over.

Please stay on the track. Riding on land beside the track is illegal, and discourteous to the landowner.

Please do not wheelie, do stoppies, or “roost”. Roosting is spinning the back wheel, kicking up gravel and dirt, and is potentially dangerous if the person behind has uncovered eyes. If riding on grass, please accelerate and brake gently. Once torn up, grass takes a long time to recover. Although it is a public route, the grass is the farmer’s livelihood, and it is discourteous to cause damage unnecessarily.

Riders must be considerate of the countryside and other users. We do not want one of our group to cause injury to a walker, cyclist, horse rider or damage and/or injury to another vehicle user. Please take care when passing livestock, particularly in spring when lambing is taking place.

Trail riders in Mid Wales