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Prices for trail riding and tours

We do not charge a damage deposit for our hire bikes. No charge is made for use of our protective clothing or accidental damage, except for a couple of exceptions. These include ignoring a direct request from a leader, not looking ahead and crashing as a consequence, and any riding behavour which is causing danger to yourself, other riders and users of the roads or byways, i.e. farmers, walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Please note that accommodation is not included in these prices. From November to February, we provide a cheaper compact day because we have to finish earlier than in the summer and it is more tiring being out in the cold. We do not usually take a deposit for these bookings, but if you fail to turn up and have not cancelled or postponed, any future booking will require full payment at the time of booking.

The tour price for two or three days reflects the fact that only the easiest green roads are included. Please do not book a tour if you want trail riding.

When your date has been decided, a non-refundable deposit may be required. Dates are allocated first come, first served. If the date chosen cannot be adhered to, you may change it. Gift vouchers do not require a date to be set. You can book by email, landline phone 01686 430522, mobile phone or text 017849 760722, or by filling in the form on the contact page.

Beautiful summer ride

We do not ask for a deposit for guiding. In winter, bookings are provisional until 48 hours before. Cash or bank transfer payment on arrival is required. If two days are booked, and you decide not to use the services of the guide on the second day, there is no refund. Cancellation incurs no charge. We appreciate that sometimes things go wrong and you may not be able to come - please let us know! If you fail to turn up and have not cancelled or postponed, any future booking will require non-refundable full payment at the time of booking.

You can download the pricelist if you wish.

Hire bike price per person
includes clothing if required
Trail riding full day Nov to end Feb Trail riding two days Trail riding three days Two days High Wales Tour Three days High Wales Tour Four days High Wales Tour Five days High Wales Tour
Price for each person £220 £190 £390 £490 £320 £400 £500 £600
Deposit due to confirm booking £60 £0 £70 £90 £60 £80 £100 £100
Balance due on day of first day of ride £160 £190 £320 £400 £260 £320 £400 £500
Riders with own bikes joining hire bike trail riding days £30 £20 £60 £90  
Guiding price if everyone has their own bike
One bike £150 £130 £280 £400 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Two bikes exclusive booking £75 £65 £140 £200 £135 £190 £240 £290
Three bikes exclusive booking £50 £45 £90 £140 £90 £130 £170 £210
Four bikes £40 £35 £75 £110 £70 £100 £130 £160
Five or more bikes £35 £30 £70 £100 £55 £90 £110 £135
Beautiful summer riding

Gift vouchers

You are welcome to download a pdf gift voucher free of charge which you can print yourself. If you wish to receive a printed gift voucher, please email or phone Marianne on 01686 430522.