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About our Riding Days

To hire a motorcycle you need to hold a full motorcycle licence and be 25 or older*. We provide enduro type clothing free of charge, so all you need to bring is a drink, spare socks, and a little cash for your lunch at a cafe. Our helmets are adventure style with visors and removable liners which are washed before each riding day, but if you prefer to wear your own road helmet, that is fine. No charge is made for use of our protective clothing or accidental damage, except in exceptional circumstances.

Trail rider on a summer day

We know that when you gather on the day, there may be a few nerves and a fair bit of anticipation and excitement. No charge is made for use of our protective clothing or accidental damage, except for a couple of exceptions. These include ignoring a direct request from a leader, not looking ahead and crashing as a consequence, and any riding behaviour which is causing danger to yourself, other riders or users of the roads or byways, i.e. farmers, walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Please note that personal accident insurance is not provided.

Our motorcycles are fitted with special folding mirrors designed for trail riding. If you break a mirror because the mirror is in the "road" position when you crash, we will ask you to pay £20 to replace it. If you prefer not to have the mirror, please ask Colin to take it off before we begin. If you are not familiar with trail riding techniques, we will provide help and advice. Colin and Marianne have been ACU coaches in the past, but are not currently qualified. You can find hints and tips here.

Trail riders

* If you have 9 or more points or the following convictions, I am sorry but our insurance company will not provide cover:  CD, DD, DR, UT, MS50 or 3 or more other driving offences. If you want to ride one of our bikes but do not meet our insurance criteria, you could investigate insuring yourself for a day or two. If you are 22, 23 or 24 we may be able to obtain insurance for you depending on your riding history, so please enquire.