Trail Rides Wales

Trail Riding Presentation

I was asked to give a talk on what we did, so thought I might as well share it with you! You may also like to visit our gallery.

Text on pictures if too small to read:

2.  We provide Honda CRF250 L trail bikes and a full set of enduro clothing. We can supply a Honda CRF230 which is a little smaller for any rider who finds the L too big.

3.  Trail riding is a lot of fun! It can be very challenging. You ride fords and extremely steep hills; you cope with boulders, gravel, rock slabs, ruts, mud and slippery grass.

4.  We use routes open to the public: byways open to all traffic and untarmacked council roads, with a few farmers’ tracks where we have obtained permission. Some look more like footpaths than roads!

5.  The conditions are always changing. Shale and gravel can be washed away after heavy rain, and some routes become overgrown with plants in the summer.

6.  Skills such as throttle and clutch control become finely honed. Like road riding, looking ahead and planning is key to riding well. We teach you how to ford a river safely. Might come in useful if you are ever caught in an unexpected flood!

7.  Consideration for the farmers, other users of the countryside and the livestock we pass, is extremely important to us. We expect our customers to behave with courtesy, whether they are using our bikes or have their own. We adhere to the Code of Conduct devised by the Trail Riders Fellowship.

8.  We work with a few accommodation providers who are happy for us to bring the bikes to their premises, including the White Lion, Maenllwyd and Plas Dolguog in Machynlleth, Tynrhyd Retreat in Devils Bridge and the Hafren Forest Bunkhouse which is nearest to our house.

9.  Usually we ride for one day but we can do two or three days if you prefer. We organise special events: the Red Ride for owners of Honda CRF250Ls and Rallys or days for classic bike rides. We ride all year round, even when there is snow on the hills.

10. Our trail bikes are ideal for road riders with little or no trail or offroad experience. We begin with a few miles on tarmac which allows you to get used to the bike. Then we go on to gravel, progressing on to more challenging surfaces such as rock, grass and mud.

11. If you are new to trail riding, we do a short session about techniques at the start of the first green lane. As the day progresses we give hints and tips at new features. These can be found here.

12. We do not mix experienced trail or offroad riders with those are are new to trail riding. Our groups are small and mid week can be booked exclusively. If you are doing two or three days, we visit different areas on the second and third days. We are lucky athat the scenery is so beautiful!

13. If friend are mixed in ability and experience, we usually ride part of the day togehter, splitting at times to give the experienced riders more of a challenge. If preferred, we can do separate rides, meeting at lunch time.

14. Many other users are opposed to vehicles in the countryside. Along with other members of the Mid Wales Trail Riders Fellowship Group, we are active in maintaining good relationships with farmers.

15. What could be better than combining a long weekend of road riding with a day's trail riding? Motorcycling perfection!

16. We guide adventure bike riders on routes using gravel, grass (if dry) and single width tarmac lanes with steep hills and hairpin bends. We guide classic bikes on suitable green roads. Both types of ride are interesting and scenic even ona damp day.

17. Trail riding is suitable for all levels of rider.