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High Wales Tour

We introduced adventure bike tours visiting the ten highest roads in Wales during the summer of 2021, and they have proved to be very enjoyable! We now offer a several different ones, and are working on a "Castles" one. If you do not have your own adventure bike, you may hire one of our Honda CRF250Ls. Most popular are the three day tours, with a choice of route, although we offer two, four and five days too. You may be surprised to learn that the smaller bikes are ideal. The bigger bikes can be a bit of a handful on the minor roads we use. Here is pdf leaflet. Slideshow about our tours.

Lunch stop

Our all tarmac tour is aimed at owners with GS1200s, Guzzi Stelvios, Multistradas, V-Stroms, Crossrunners, etc. Riders on smaller bikes who prefer to stay on tarmac are welcome to join this tour. There are some tricky hairpin corners on narrow steep hills up and down which some riders with short legs and big bikes have struggled, so please be aware of this. The big bike green road option includes gravel and grass if the weather is dry.

Big bike on a summer green road

The Green Road route is mainly for middle and lightweight adventure bikes. It includes several gravel and grass roads, as well as a lot of single width lanes where the tarmac is in poor condition. This tour is suitable for novice trail riders on lightweight bikes such as Honda CRF250 or 300L and Rally, and more experienced trail riders who are happy to take bigger bikes such as KTM Adventure, Yamaha Tenere, Africa Twin and GS310, etc, on gravel, rock steps and rougher surfaces, some of which may have surface mud. If requested, we can include more challenging green roads for experienced trail riders on light bikes.

Scenic ride

Currently we offer a choice of starting in South Wales, not far from Caerphilly, or in Machynlleth, Mid Wales, apart from the two day tour which always starts in Machynlleth. If you come in a car and trailer or van, safe parking is available (may be a small fee). We go to cafes for morning coffee and lunch, and can stop for afternoon tea if the weather is bad or you are tired.

If you wish me to let you know details of forthcoming tours, please fill in the form, or send me an email. The Terms and Conditions are here.