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Come Trail Riding!

If you have never been trail riding before, you will love it! Here in Mid Wales, we are lucky that we have a good variety of naturally surfaced sustainable roads. Everything from wooded lanes in sheltered valleys to mountain tracks with fantastic views. Colin and Marianne have been trail riders for over twenty years(!)

We ride on public roads, so you need to hold a motorcycle licence. If you are a road rider with no previous off-road or trail riding experience, we provide a progressive day which will challenge you and give you a great feeling of achievement. If you are an experienced trail or offroad rider, we can provide two or three days’ riding without repetition of routes. We hope our website is friendly and informative, but if you can’t find the information you require, please email or phone Marianne or Colin on 01686 430522. Occasionally emails go astray. If you don’t receive a reply within 24 hours, please try our other email, trailwales@outlook.com, or phone instead. Thanks.

Where Will We Be Trail Riding?

We are based near Llanidloes and use several different starting places, depending on whether you have previous trail riding experience. We mainly ride in Ceredigion and Gwynedd, with a little in Powys. All our routes take you to some of the most unspoilt areas in Wales, with wonderful views. We see many birds including red kites and buzzards, and occasionally wildlife such as weasels, stoats, wild goats and deer, lots of sheep, but not many people!

Trail Riding Using Our Bikes

You will have the choice of Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki motorcycles, which all have different characteristics. We have three Honda CRF250Ls which are a medium sized bike, especially good for riders with no previous trail or offroad riding experience. For taller riders, we have a Yamaha WR250R and two Suzuki DRZ400s. For those who are a little shorter in the leg, we have a Honda CRF230. For riders on L plates, you can use our Suzuki DR125. We also have a KHR XR650 enduro sidecar. If you have experience of riding sidecars, you could bring a non-riding friend along as a passenger, or if they would like to passenger, but you prefer a solo, an instructor will drive the sidecar.

Trail Riding If You Have Your Own Bike

We can offer routes enjoyable for all levels of experience, and can cater for enduro and long distance trials sidecars and quads. The challenging areas in North Wales include some unique features and wonderful views. For more information, please see Trail Riding On Your Own Bike.

Special Days and Trail Riding Newsletters

If you would like to recieve our newsletter with special offers and occasional competitions where you can win trail riding days or free accommodation, please email Marianne with ’subscribe’ in the subject line, and a note about whether you have your own bike or wish to use ours. If you are a woman rider, you might also like to be notified about our women’s days which are suitable for riders with their own bikes or those who wish to use ours. The days are not always exclusively women, although sometimes the men go riding separately with Colin.

We also do trail riding days for riders of big bikes such as KTM Adventures, BMW GSs, Honda Transalp, etc. In summer, we can provide "adventure riding days" which bridge the gap between road and trail riding, and are suitable for bikes fitted with dualsport tyres and people on pillion. Colin has a Moto Guzzi Stelvio to lead the very big bike days and our colleague Mark leads more challenging day on a KTM690 or BMW F650GS Dakar.

New!     Trail riding tours

Fancy longer than a couple of days? Enjoy seeing new places? We have put together some great routes and contacted accommodation providers along the way. We will book the accommodation and take your overnight bags from place to place for you. Three, four and five days tours are available, and a choice of good quality hotel or guesthouse or cheaper bunkhouse accommodation. You can either use your own trail or enduro bike, or hire one of ours. A minimum of four people is required.

Can You Suggest Anywhere My Partner Can Visit Whilst I’m Riding With You?

Visit our Things To Do in Wales page for some ideas of activities and places to visit for people who don't want to ride motorbikes.

I’m an Experienced Road Rider but Have Never Been Trail Riding - What Can I Expect?

Your day starts with a few miles which allows you to settle in and get used to the bike. First you will encounter gravel, then some stones, rocks and mud if it is a wet day. We will give you information on suitable techniques, and make sure you are happy with the surfaces you are riding. The route is progressive, and can be altered to suit you. Our days include hills up and down with hairpin bends, rock slabs, loose stones, grass, muddy ruts, streams and puddles. If your job, or some other reason such as a flight booked soon, make it important that you do not risk falling off and damaging yourself, please let us know, and we will take you on a route which has slopes rather than hills. This reduces the risk of you crashing!

If you are coming for two or three days, you will ride different green lanes on the second and third days.

As we provide clothing free of charge, all you need to bring is a drink, spare socks, a little cash for your lunch at a cafe, and some chocolate in case you need an energy boost!

Our usual group size is three to six riders. If you are a single rider or couple, we will do our best to match you with riders who will progress at a similar rate. We never put experienced trail or offroad riders with riders who are new to green laning.

I’ve Already Done a Bit of Trail Riding - Can You Do Anything For Me?

Our area has a good variety and we can do a more challenging day if you are experienced. Experience can be trail, trials or a day at a similar school to ours. If you are on your own, we will not add you to a group of beginners. Please note that if you are booking a group and some riders have relevant experience while others don’t, you have the choice of staying together as a group, or we can organise two separate rides so that the experienced riders enjoy some more challenging green lanes. We can meet up at lunch time. If you book two days we usually do some technical rides on the second day. Please don’t say you or your friends are experienced when you are not, as it just leads to crashes and injuries, with lots of delays, and can even result in a trip to hospital!

If you are a regular motocross rider, please consider carefully whether trail riding is really what you want to do. You may find it too tame! You may also find it frustrating, as our trail bikes do not handle nearly as well off road as mx bikes, and they are less powerful.

I’m Not Sure I’m Ready For This!

Trail riding is strenuous compared with road riding, and some people are surprised at how rough it is! Wet days when the rocks are slippery can be difficult. Our usual route does include rock steps and has hills both up and down with loose stones which roll under the wheels, some of which are quite steep. If you prefer a gentler introduction, we do an easier route which has more gravel road and slopes rather than hills. Please ask for the "easy" option.

Prices and Dates Available

Please see Dates Available and Prices for Hiring a Bike. Information on accommodation is available on our Stay in Walespage.

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"I would just like to say a big thank you to both of you for the weekend me and Adrian just had. You run one of the best adventure experiences that I’ve ever been on. I find most adventure weekends a little tame but this one was (and I quote from Adrian), the best weekend he has ever had!"
Graham from Shropshire

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