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If you are hiring a bike, Trail Rides Wales undertake:

To provide a Honda CRF250L and protective clothing if required.

The motorcycle is insured third party for any rider aged over 25 years, with a full motorcycle licence and no more than two minor endorsements.

No charge is made for the use of protective clothing or accidental damage to the bike or clothing, except if a rider ignores a direct request from the guide.

Please inform us if you have physical restrictions or a medical condition when you book.

We expect you to treat our motorcycles and personnel with respect. The motorcycles do not have indicators so please use hand signals. Scenic views in Mid Wales


You must wear appropriate clothing, including a back protector and boots that cover your ankle and shin. You are welcome to borrow any items you do not have. We can supply an adventure style helmet (with removable liners which are washed between each use), gloves, boots, knee pads, body armour, jacket and trousers. Sizes available: boots 5 to 13, helmets XS to XXL, trousers waist 30” to 46”, jackets S to XXL.

At junctions, please check that the rider behind you is still there. If he/she isn’t, wait at the junction. The leader will realise that he/she has lost some of the group, and will return.

The minor roads we use have gates. If you open a gate, you are responsible for making sure that it is closed (by you or someone else). Please do not ride off, otherwise riders following may assume that it was already open and fail to close it. Or they may close a gate which the farmer has left open (waste of effort!)

Many groups use the second man open, third man close, but some prefer one rider to open and close the gate. If it is a large group, do not close until the tailender has passed. If the gate has an unusual fastening, please close it yourself or tell the person closing how to secure it.

If riding on a grass surface, please accelerate and brake gently to preserve the surface. Once torn up, grass takes a long time to recover.

Please do not wheelie, do stoppies or roost. If it goes wrong (and it can do) you may injure another rider or involve a member of the public. Wheelies on main roads or towns may be witnessed by Police, and lead to the whole group being stopped. The day will be ended.

Please do not go “off piste” or ride off the track. It is the farmer’s livelihood and it is discourteous to damage his land, as well as committing the offence of “riding on land not forming part of a road”.

Trail riders in Mid Wales

The Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.