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Hire a Honda CRF 250L!

We can provide six Honda CRF 250Ls, which are ideal for your first trail riding experience, and a Honda CRF230 which is a little smaller and lighter. To hire one of these motorcycles you need to hold a full motorcycle licence and be 22 or older*. If you wish, we can provide clothing free of charge, so all you need to bring is a drink, spare socks, a little cash for your lunch at a cafe, and some chocolate in case you need an energy boost! We supply adventure style helmets with visors and removable liners which are washed before each riding day. We usually meet at 9.30am and finish between 5.30 and 6pm, but we are happy to change these times, if, say, you are travelling in the morning and want to start later. We would then finish later or do a shorter day if you prefer. If you book two days, we will visit a different area on the second day.

We specialise in making sure the routes suit you best, and keep our groups small. If you are a single rider or small group, we will do our best to match you with riders who will progress at a similar rate. We never put experienced trail or offroad riders with riders who are new to green laning. If you would like one-to-one or an exclusive day for less than six riders, please ask for a mid week date. If you are new to motorcycling or not used to riding for long periods, we are happy to plan a day especially for you.

Please don’t say you or your friends are experienced if you are not familiar with riding in a standing position. If the route is too difficult it can lead to crashes and it is not enjoyable if you are struggling.

You can book by email, landline phone 01686 430522, mobile phone or text 017849 760722, or by filling in the form on the contact page. The 250Ls are at home on tarmac or trail. Most of our rides are trail tours, but if you prefer to stay on tarmac, please ask.

* If you have 9 or more points or the following convictions, I am sorry but our insurance company will not provide cover:  CD, DD, DR, UT, MS50 or 3 or more other driving offences. If you want to ride one of our bikes but do not meet our insurance criteria, you could investigate insuring yourself for a day or two.

If you are 22, 23 or 24 please let me know if you about your riding experience. This is because we have to obtain a separate cover note for any riders under 25. I am sorry but we cannot provide cover for under 22. The CRF230 is only insured for riders aged 30 and over. For provisional licence holders, we do still own a very old Suzuki DR125 and two learner riders have obtained insurance for a day over the internet at reasonable cost.

I’m an Experienced Road Rider but Have Never Been Trail Riding – What Can I Expect?

Your day starts with a mile or two on minor tarmac road which allows you to settle in and get used to the bike. First you will encounter gravel, then some stones, rocks and grass. We will have a short session near the beginning to give you suitable techniques, and to make sure you are happy with the surfaces you are riding. The route is progressive, and can be altered to suit you. Our days include hills up and down with hairpin bends, rock slabs, loose stones, grass, muddy ruts, streams and puddles. Many riders are surprised at how strenuous it is!

I’m Not Sure I’m Ready For This!

Trail riding is hard work compared with road riding. Wet days when the lanes are slippery can be difficult. If you think you may find it tiring or prefer a route which leaves out the riskier elements, please ask for the "gentle" option where we use single width tarmac lanes and the less demanding green lanes. You will still see amazing views and if you wish, we can ride some steep hills with twisty bends on tarmac.

"Thanks to you all for an awesome days trail riding. Special thanks to Colin and Lucie for taking two newbies from never riding trail bikes to be relatively confident on the bikes due to their excellent tuition. I aim to be a repeat customer in the future. All that’s left to say is that it was an absolute blast!!"
Richard and Chris from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire