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Motorcycle Hire

We provide up to five Honda CRF250Ls, which are ideal for your first trail riding experience, and a Honda CRF230 which is a little smaller and lighter.

The 250Ls are at home on tarmac or trail. Most of our rides are trail tours, but if you prefer to stay on tarmac, please ask or phone 01686 430522.

Our normal day is from 9.30am to 5.30pm. If you book two days, the routes on the second day will be different. During November, December, January and February when the daylight is short, we offer a compact day with less tarmac road, meeting at 11am to allow any overnight frost to disappear. Finish is at dusk or about 4pm.

We ride in Mid Wales and Snowdonia where there is a good variety of sustainable roads and byways. We go high over mountain tracks with fantastic views, drop down into wooded valleys and ride beside the many lakes and reservoirs in the area. Your motorcycling skills will benefit, as no two routes are the same so you are constantly adjusting. Although most people start with one or two days, we can offer longer courses by arrangement. If you are new to motorcycling or not used to riding for long periods, you might prefer a shorter day. Please email Marianne or phone 01686 430522.

We don’t charge for use of our clothing or accidental damage to our bikes, except in exceptional circumstances.

Hire bike price per person
One day

Compact day

Two days

Two compact days

Three days
Price for each person




Deposit due on booking £65 £50 £90 £80 £100
Balance due £140 £100 £280 £180 £400

Booking can be by email or phone on 01686 430522. Please give the names of the people in your group and the date(s) you wish to come. You will be asked to pay a deposit to confirm your booking.

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If you are new to trail riding, you might find our rider tips page useful.

For places to stay, please see our accommodation page.

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Gift vouchers

If you are in a hurry, feel free to download a gift voucher. When the date has been decided, a deposit of £65 for one day’s riding or £90 for two days will be required. If you wish to receive a printed gift voucher, please email or phone Marianne on 01686 430522.